Angry Animals game is one of the best online clones of the popular game. If you do not like to play on mobile devices, this remarkable game, or you have at present no possibility to include mobile device, our portal glad to offer you online the version of this interesting game.

It works in all modern browsers supporting Flash. Aliens and animals are the main animals of the game. However, the most interesting difference between Angry Animals from the original game this that that you can create levels and exchange with your friends. For each level, the unique Internet link with which created, your friends can open your level with ease.

For the creation of levels, it is necessary to use your Facebook account. Create your levels and show that you can not only destroy, but also create magnificent levels. Thousands of unique levels of Angry Animals, you will find here.

It is necessary to break various constructions constructed by angry aliens. Constructions can consist of a tree, glass and a stone. Since opponents very cunning and angry, they constructed difficult constructions that protect them. It is necessary to show skill and dexterity what to destroy barriers and to reach malicious opponents using the animals.

You can use five types of animal in the Angry Animals. Animal Pigs easily cope with barriers from glass and in flight can divided into three pieces. Animal Sheep is base soldier without special features but as are irreplaceable in fight. Animal Bulls have one magnificent possibility to dump cartons of milk at which explosion even stone blocks collapse and scatter in the parties.

The animal Cock as did not remain without surprises in flight it can include super speed and with ease to finish with wooden blocks. In addition, the last animal in the Angry Animals is Horse in a cool cap hid a bomb which rushes in a mouth when the match will burn down. In addition, the match automatically lit at any first collision or at a clique by a mouse when the horse is in flight. Explosion of a horse has a big force and with ease destroys any obstacles.

As not simple and everyone has aliens the quantity of lives. The quantity of lives at angry aliens depends on the quantity of open eyes. With the loss of lives of an eye at opponents are closed. This is one of the advantages of Angry Animals from other clones. Do you like to play and create new levels?

Creating new levels, do not forget that you can:

  • rotate obstacles,
  • adjust the position of the enemies,
  • change the order of shots to build complex structures,
  • indicate the number of shots to combine static and dynamic objects.

Any destruction of barriers by use of angry animals will give you many points. Use mouse to aim and set power of shot. I hope you the expert shooter and will collect the greatest number of points in the game Angry Animals than your friends.