Angry birds online a free flash version of the most popular game for mobile platforms.

Play Angry Birds, the most popular game for mobile platforms, is now available online for desktop computer users as «Angry birds online». Operate a huge slingshot and use the army of colored angry birds to deal shortly with cowardly green pigs.

No one knows how the green pigs made the birds so angry, but those now have only one objective: to seek and destroy! And they do it successfully enough, though with the cost of their lives. The pigs conceal themselves behind different constructions of logs, stones and glass, but it does not save them from the kamikaze-birds. In «Angry birds online» you will operate a huge slingshot and fling birds into the pigs’ shelter. The goal is to destroy all the pigs before you are out of birds.

«Angry birds» was initially developed for Apple is iOS mobile devices like iPhone and iPad. Later it was adapted for other mobile platforms, such as Android. Totally it was downloaded more than a billion times, what made it the most popular mobile application ever. Now it is available in the flash-variant, without downloading.

There are several kinds of obstacles (glass, wood, stones) and several kinds of birds, differing from each other with color and abilities (for example, yellow birds can accelerate in the air, the blue ones can break up into three smaller birds, red birds don’t have any special abilities). Different kinds of birds are more or less effective against different kinds of obstacles, and you will learn it playing the Angry Birds Online!