Angry Animals 2 came to us what to present more pleasure and brought new levels. If you are ready will battle to old opponents, then welcome to the following version of popular game. For fight against opposite aliens such angry animals are provided to you: Horse, Pig, Ram and Cock and certainly Bull.

Yes, this is a new step in game development. Each animal has the features for fight against angry aliens. For example the Horse is one of the strongest the character. He is able to blow up after contact with any object or on your team. But be attentive, explosion occurs not at once, and after a small delay. The Pig on your team calls for itself to the aid the two friends, thereby increasing the struck area. Pigs easily cope with any ice barriers.

The Ram the standard soldier, but it very much does not love malicious aliens. Cock it is your assistant at destruction of wooden constructions. And on your team it can increase the speed, bringing multiple destruction to the opponent. And the last angry animal it is the super Bull has the confidential weapon in the arsenal it is a carton of milk.

Flying by over structures of aliens, after your team, it dumps a carton of milk which at collision with any object makes powerful explosion. These gallant angry animals submit to only the skillful player. Also in game was improved physics of collisions.

Many players are interested in the previous version of the game Angry Animals, so here link. But do not forget that in the previous version have the opportunity to create their new levels. Tell your friends about this great game and win a prize.

And what are new in the Angry Animals 2 version? Here super mega new levels which are constructed more artfully and with more protection for their owners of angry aliens. As a new art which softer and better transfers the atmosphere of the second version of the game.

Let's hope that the new version will please you much more, than previous and will bring you a lot of positive. If you have wishes or offers on game Angry Animals 2 improvement, will be glad to discuss them together with you. If you want to create the levels, we are ready to provide to you the editor of levels and in the following versions of this game you can see them in the game. Angry Animals 2 will help you to pass your time with fun.