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One of the constantly popular genres of video games is shooting games. As we can understand from the name, the main distinguishing feature of such games is the necessity to shoot your enemies from various kinds of weapons or just abstractly shoot, for example, launch balls into some targets which are necessary to hit. The player will need unordinary quickness and accuracy. However “shooting games” are not only the senseless firing. Many games of this genre require considerable sharpness, perfect logic, intuition, farseeing strategy and some luck to finish a level. Such games have absorbing gameplay and often are full of humor, despite of the serious name. Many of them are filled with puzzles.

This genre’s games are good way to have fun for children as well as for adults. And what is more, this part of the site contains the most funny, absorbing, and interesting shooting games available to play right from the browser’s window. You don’t need to register. All the games are available absolutely free, without downloading and installing. Just choose the one you like and play online!

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