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Puzzle games is name of genre of video games, main goal of player is solve some logical problems. They require very good logical thinking, forward-looking strategy, intuition, and sometimes luck. Many puzzle games are virtual versions of real puzzles:

Tetris is the most typical example of puzzle. It was established in 1985 and still popular. In the beginning of nineties years, computers have become sufficiently high performance, began to treat complex graphics, puzzles made a big step forward. Currently genre logic games a huge number of different options.

This part of the site contains a large number of puzzles and interesting for children and adults. Puzzle games allow you to have a good time, enjoy addictive game, spend time with benefit of training logical thinking, developing brain.

Do you like where you must solve challenging puzzles, receiving award after their decision? If your answer is yes, then part our portal will offer many excellent games that have been hand-picked administrators gaming site.

Very pleased with variety of game mechanics represented in this direction:

Earlier puzzles were very boring. But now, adding an interesting story, funny characters that need help, puzzle games have become fun, interesting and enjoyable. Often you cannot stop until the solution of level not found.

Most fascinating puzzles are physical, different bulb types, cutting objects. Like transform objects when one character changes its physical properties can run and crawl on walls. Or which require the destruction of obstacles that would have to get to their goal.

Now you do not have to search, download, install. TowDen.com site contains the most interesting puzzle video games available on the internet! Play directly in the browser window completely free, without registering.

If you favorite Puzzle game is not available on site TownDen.com then write me! Be sure adding it to logical games directory. Sometimes hard to find solution to the logical problem, but do not worry, we try to add video solution.

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