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Zombie Games are a very popular, because they have all the necessary things to make the game interesting and enjoyable. There is the opportunity to shoot for fun, destroying countless crowds of competitors. These games are very dynamic because bloodthirsty enemies constantly attacking and want to eat the main character. The hero is always right, he just protecting his life and kills the enemies that are actually already dead.

Zombie is known in the modern world mythical character, popular in modern popular culture. The original meaning of the word is associated with magical practices, popular among the people of the Caribbean islands, such as Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad, Cuba. It roots are in West Africa.

Popularity zombie theme is largely determined by George A. Romero and his film Night of the Living Dead. He invented the zombies in the modern sense, the corpses raised from the dead and managed for the sole purpose to find and eat them alive. Nowadays, movies, books and games about zombies formed a separate genre and it has many fans around the world.

This part of the site contains the most interesting examples of Zombie Games. You do not need to download anything to install. Play directly in your internet browser window is free, without registering. Zombies crawl out of the cemeteries that would frighten and attack people.

Mainly deal with the undead, you can use weapons, but also there are games in which you want to push them using car or motorcycle. Additional option is to protect your castle or home using plants or warriors. Just presented several physical puzzles by using various bombs, objects or building blocks it is necessary to destroy the zombies.

Some zombies are friends with vampires, wolves, bats who love cemeteries. Corpses every dark night crawl from their graves and go to people. Since they have no brains, then walking corpses very stupid and stretching his arms go forward to its prey. There is a version that zombie afraid of the sun.

What would be faster to kill the dead slaves must aim them in the head. This is a very scary game, they play only bold guys. You can organize a competition with your friends, who will kill more zombies. Every month we are adding new Games with Zombies!

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