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day, children actively use mobile gadgets and PCs, spending their time in various online entertainment. Girls from all over the world like games with characters from cartoons, one of them is the cartoon "Magic Ponies". For sure, the main reason for such popularity of the pony game is the famous cartoon "Friendship of Little Horse". This is a real miracle, which sits firmly in the heart of every baby and pleases him.

Games with fairy animals attract the attention of small fair sexes much more than they do similar games with dolls or objects of costume jewelry. Many more opportunities for the main character and there are areas of their study.

My Little Pony game is a fantastic opportunity to spend time with the benefit of the mind. They develop logical thinking and train memory. In the game, you will often have to look for new ways out for your horse and think about what kind of clothes the best pony will suit.

You can also feel in different missions, perform tasks and quests, which involve activation of the player's logic, here you cannot do without it. So, do not rush to look for an alternative to the Might Little Pony. This game will show you more than once that with its installation you not mistaken.

The game has attractive graphics, lots of exciting tasks and a huge assortment of inventory. Also, there are a lot of options for the player, you will have the ability to paint the ponies, play with it, feed the horse, or dress it. So, it will appeal not only to girls, boys in this application also there is an occupation.

About whom you speak?

Ponies are small horses that look careless and cute. The main task of magic horses is to save their friends and help all who are in trouble. The games of the My Little Pony will also allow the kid to enjoy with pleasure the adventures of Rainbow Desh, Pinky Pai and Rarity, the child can independently lead the game process by controlling the horses individually.

Which online version is worthy of attention?

Today, games about ponies represented by many versions. Each of them distinguished by a special storyline, different characters, and the main task for the hero. Well-proven game Dering Doo. This is completely analogous to my little pony horse, which will happily rush on the fictional cards chosen by the toddler. Like a rainbow horse will light a dark forest and go on a trip to the world of dangers.

The actual installation

The game captures from the first minute, the kid will be able to happily spend time in it, even adults will be interested in brightening up their leisure time, playing with the charming Daring Doo. The horse can jump and fly high in the sky. If you meet large eagles that hunt small animals, it is not worth fighting with them, since the horse will simply fall to the ground after a collision with them.

Similar games for pony girls actively develop the creative thinking of the baby, and train fine motor skills, because to cope with the management of the horse, you will have to press the fingers of the phone with a lot of fingers. In the online world with magical horses a lot of adventures and a variety of beasts. There are evil monkeys, tigers, panthers, hungry alligators, and owls.

With all the animals you must fight, saving the small inhabitants of the fairy forest. Daring Du will like every little one since such games with ponies are a fascinating entertainment, in which you can play online. Do not lose a minute and install entertainment on your mobile phone. In Ponyville already waiting for new characters, so on their list, you can enter your name. Favorite little horses wait for their ladies and prepare to plunge with them into the world of unforgettable adventures, mysterious mysteries, and sincere joy from the gameplay.

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