West Train is a fantastic game for the bold and cheerful train that arrived at the Wild West and wants to collect gold, what would become rich and famous. But on his way he meets various obstacles and enemies that are preventing it.

Use semaphores that change the path of the train to collect sacks of gold. In the game there are different types of semaphores, you can stop the train and to continue the motion must include a green light. Other semaphores rigidly fixed to the card and they can not be moved.

Collecting bags of gold, you get money. For the money you can buy power-ups that will help in passing levels. The game West Train has five types of bonuses:

  • wagon randomly picks from level one bag of gold star sheriff protects train from all obstacles and enemies,
  • after a bomb blast stuns all enemies and they stop moving for a short period of time,
  • three rounds of cartridges using which can kill their opponents,
  • the rope helps to collect bags located far from the train.

At each level you must collect all the bags of gold. The first level is passed very easily. Need to move the pointer to the path up. Then press the Start button on the semaphore and the train will go.

At the end of the level of all the collected bags of gold sold and you get gold. The second level also can be called learning. You need to go past the Indian and camel.

The third level of the game West Train can be called complex. Since it is necessary to avoid a collision with a cowboy who is constantly moving. This is the first level at which there are no moving traffic.

Throughout the game, "West Train" you will interfere with cowboys, Indians, camels, building wigwams Indians. You must drive, avoid touching them. I went through all sixteen levels. And how many levels you have passed?

If you have the desire, you can play this game on mobile phones. In the future, the mobile version of the game will be added to new levels! If you have interesting levels, send them to me and I will add them to the new version of the game. West Train is an interesting version of the logic of the game.