Dream Date is an exciting multi-level game, which will be interesting to girls. Also it is not only entertaining, but also trains care.

The meaning of the game is that tomorrow the main character of her dream date. To heroine was confident, like her companion, and you collected the maximum number of points, you need to first understand how it plans to make an impression, without this whole image will not work. To do this, you have ten seconds to remember the image of the dream of the protagonist. To do this, move your arrow to watch.

After the time is up you need to put the main character seems to maximize the image that was in the picture for ten seconds. Begin the transformation with scissors; they are in the main top tab. In order to cut the heroine need to click on that portion of hair that you want to crop. In order to make the girl I had to work quads. Difficult this business professional haircut.

After scissors below have such icons as iron is to align the hair curlers. At the bottom tab on the left side comb to tighten curls that I was on the ground level is not available (is highlighted in gray). Next in the upper right tab, we choose the color of the hair. By selecting different hair color immediately changes the image. My heroine's red hair. The following icons such as hair dryers and accessories are also available to serve first level.

After that we push on and go to the dressing room, where there are plenty of hats, blouses, skirts, shoes and handbags for all occasions. In order to choose the clothes in the game Date of Dreams enough to click the mouse on the garment. It is very important if you suddenly forget what it looks like heroine, you have three attempts to refresh her memory with a special tab. And if you were wrong with the choice of using icons and you can go back, for example, to cut more hair or change hair color.

Unfortunately, if it was a short haircut is no longer possible to correct, so be careful. With the help of icons made the main character meets her partner on the beach. What a romantic date. And my result is almost correct ninety-five percent of a hundred. Wrong color hair. But this is only the beginning of an exciting journey into the world of beauty and style!

With the help icon next date you are offered a new way for the heroine, and he was much more difficult, and plus the added new accessories to create an image, for example, iron is the same alignment of hair that was not available to create the bow first date. Glutinous news again have the opportunity to peep three times if you forgotten it, then there are reminders every time a new image is not burned, and updated. By the second date I was able to prepare without looking at one hundred percent.

Game Date Dream is a very exciting and interesting stylish images. I liked it so that with each level more interesting, for example after the game becomes available hair looks more realistic, I heard the sounds of a hair dryer. Play online game Dream Date on TownDen.com!