Earn to die post-apocalyptic race : break your way through the crowds of zombies to escape.

Earn to die is a game where the main character using one of available cars has to reach the helicopter that stands on the cliff not far from him. Besides the natural obstacles, crowds of hungry zombies will block the way to escape. Just break the way through them!

The world in the Earn to die game is at the height of zombie apocalypse. Few people have survived and they have to do their best to avoid becoming a snack for the walking dead. Trying to escape, main character finds himself at desert country. He is sitting on a high water tower and looks round the surroundings through field glasses. Suddenly a helicopter appears in his field of view. It is parked on the cliff in half a mile from him. This is the only way to escape. The distance is not big and it could be easy to reach the helicopter, but walking dead blocks the way. And they desire to regale themselves with our character’s frontal lobe. Fortunately for him there are few cars near at hand. These cars will help to break the way through crowds of zombies. This is prehistory of the Earn to die game.

The playing process of this game is simple to the limit. Your objective consists in getting as far as you can and knock down as many zombies as possible before you are out of gas. When you return to your garage you get monetary reward for every zombie you have killed. This money is a possibility to improve your transport: to increase the volume of your gas tank, to buy a higher performance engine and larger wheels, and even to install a weapon on the roof of your car. So you have to earn money just not to die. At the beginning of the Earn to die game you get just a light buggy, which is not capable to go too far; afterwards you have to buy a heavier car. So you move further and further to your objective with every new sally. But be careful: the further you go the more dangerous obstacles you will meet!