Cut the rope: funny and absorbing logical game with candies and ropes.

The funny logical game "Cut the rope" consists in feeding a weird but nice pet with candies. The candy is tied with several ropes, and you have to cut the ropes in right sequence to make the sweet fall just into the mouth of your green little pet. It requires some skill to succeed!

Somebody is ringing the doorbell. You open the door and see a box with an inscription: "feed with candies". Two little eyes look at you through the hole in the wall of the box. A very cute little animal looking like a frog or a dinosaur is found inside the box. But it becomes clear soon, why the former owner has got rid of the animal, as feeding him becomes a difficult task.

Cut the rope is a logical game that can be interesting for children and adults. You will have to feed your new pet with a candy at every level of the game. The sweet is hanging above him, tied with a system of ropes. Your objective is to cut the ropes in right consequence in order to make the candy fall right into the little one's mouth after gathering all stars on its way. Quite simple task - just to cut the rope, easy even for a child, becomes more and more difficult with every new level of the Cut the rope. There are more and more ropes to cut and stars to gather in every new level. New obstacles appear on the way of the candy as well as new gadgets for its delivery to the destination. And you will need to have a considerable skill and quickness not to leave your new friend hungry. Cut the rope is a very bright, colorful and absorbing game. And even if you don't have success in finishing a level, your green pet's offended face just will not let you go and will make you try once more!