Where is my water - cheerful graphic game about crocodile which will force to smile from the very beginning of a logical colorful labyrinth. Smiling crocodile sitting in bathroom in bath, waiting while will pour down from faucet unpredictable water to be bought with ducks, can't but raise smile.

The essence of the game "Where is my water" consists in starting water in bathroom, to bring together ducks and to bath water of the merry fellow crocodile in a bath. Sounds easily, but it is necessary to strain convolutions of brain to get water for crocodile. You are obliged to think over track of labyrinth of water from the very beginning, then only to break through channels with which water to crocodile in fantastic bath will run. The same water crocodile needs to pick up three rubber ducks. Breaking off mysterious sand it is possible to find bathing accessories from collection of bathroom of crocodile, having found them all and crocodile will open to you additional fascinating level. Be careful with water! Water on the route can come across troubles if gets on forbidden block which will explode, and the crocodile will be upset without water as it won't get to a bathroom and won't pour down in bath. Be attentive: there are blocks which waters at hit change the trajectory so think over beforehand for them, what route of water to choose. The crocodile will sit in bath and to wait water. Don't force crocodile to be upset.

Where is my water gives a chance to keep brain in a tone, thus there will be the positive mood which is transferring from a smiling crocodile. Don't forget three powerful things: water has to get to bathroom, ducks in a bath with water, happy washed crocodile. Well, good luck!