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Plants Vs Zombies

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Rating 3.1, total votes 392
Category Zombie Games
Zombies want to take your home. But bold plants will protect him. Different species cause different damage zombies. Each new level is a new battle. Use explosion cherries and potatoes as a shield. Sunflowers provide additional energy for shopping.
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Plants vs zombies online free is one of the best casual games of the present is available online now.

The developers of the Plants Vs Zombies online has revised the traditions of the tower defense genre very creatively: defensive installations has become plants, sun energy plays the role of traditional resources, and the tower to defend is the player is own house which is under attack of zombies.

It is impossible to understand how anyone could get such a mad idea to combine gardening and defense from army of zombies in one game. The theme of zombies in games has been riding high for a long time and the virtual plant growing has become popular not so long ago. And no one ever thought that these two themes can be combined! But such a combination looks quite natural in the "Plants vs. zombies online", like there has never been any better weapon against zombies than the ripe pies.

The player's house is at the left, the army of zombies is at the right, and there is a lawn with different plants in between. The zombies' goal is to reach the player is house and eat his brains. The player's goal is to defend his house and his brains from walking dead by planting different plants, which destroy or retard them, on the lawn. Plants appearance, zombies voices everything in the game is made to be funny and make you smile.

However you will need some skill and quickness to finish the Plants vs. zombies online. Different plants are more or less effective against different kinds of zombies, so you will have to plant them in combinations. Play Plants vs. zombies online and receive many fun.

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Plants Vs Zombies is one of many online Zombie games which you can play here for free at TownDen. Visitors played it 241 times and rated it 3.1 total votes 346 (244 likes and 102 dislikes). Play this game in your browser (operating systems Windows, Mac OS). If you want to play other good games like Plants Vs Zombies, check out Zombies Want My Bike or Zombies Island 2. More similar and exciting games you can find in the catalog Zombie Games or visit our the Best Games page. Tell your friends on the social networks and play together. You can add this game to the section of your favorite games, and you will not look for it on the Internet the next time.

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