Turbo Golf is a super golf game. You never played such game earlier. If you the fan of golf, this game only for you. In the game Turbo Golf you will compete with different rivals, strong and weak. In the game Turbo Golf you can choose a ball for golf, a stick for golf. If you love a variety of golf courses, you will find them in this game. Sand, hills, a wind, water will be your opponents in golf.

You can buy in shop various stock for game in golf. But remember, in the game Turbo Golf opponents very strong and to you won't give in. Frauds and fraud here won't pass, here only a fair play which will win only the strongest. As you can choose for yourselves the personal player who will display your personality.

If you have no lot of time for game in golf, but there is a big desire, then Turbo Golf is your choice. Every day you can play golf, during any time convenient for you. One cliques and you are on a platform for golf among your friends, fans and rivals. Become one of members of elite club, but for this purpose it is necessary to win many tournaments.

For each blow it is possible to choose the stick. So if you the master in real golf, in the game Turbo Golf you as will be a master and easily win the opponents.

Win the one million and become Turbo Golf star. So, I wish good luck, prizes and the first places in game!