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Ants want to get to their new home. Help them with their stay.

Install signs telling you what to do ants. Build a bridge, put a ladder or ramp.

The more ants will come to your goal, the more you get the prize balls. The last king to come!

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Dibbles - Pro Pack are new levels absolutely different from the previous version. Show sharpness and ingenuity and solve logic problems of game. Help the king and his subordinates to reach to an exit. Using various teams - lifting up, change of the direction of movement, bridge, dig the tunnel you can to change the direction movement of characters.

If too hard you can use helps. On your way various barriers will meet: water, deadlocks, harmful plants. But you the skillful player also can solve any puzzles. Be attentive, game constantly demands new decisions at each level. In game 33 levels. These are unique game tasks which will give you pleasure at their decision.

Dibbles - Pro Pack is not a simple logic puzzle. It tightens from first second of game. Information on each passable level automatically remains and after a while you can continue it not since the beginning and from new level.