Battle Panic - new super strategy which tightens the player from first minute. Hundred options of development are presented in this game. Your task is to protect the settlement from invasion of opponents. Don't panic against amines! During the battle you can find many variants to win. For example you have ability to call additional troops which will help you to win your battle. But these troops will available only few times per battle.

You play for race of people in which the main characters are infantrymen, archers and horseman. In race of enemies as there are various private: Orcs, throwers of copies, infantrymen with boards, large Orcs and a set of other subspecies of heroes. New version of strategy is Battle Panic. To you it is given the chance to construct the main buildings for creation of the soldiers. Thus they will increase strength of made heroes, at increase in number of made fighters. You as have a possibility to improve the castle.

At lock improvement you have an opportunity quicker to collect gold, to cut trees, to treat the soldiers and to kill monsters. If you like to create own strategy against of Orcs the Battle Panic is your game. As having won level, you receive additional possibility to improve the forces, like as faster collection of trees, gold, and increase power of bowmen, horsemen, and infantry, strong of castle, cost of upgrades or many other things. Be attentive, the enemy does not doze. Don't spend all the time for improvements, having forgotten about soldiers.

Always improve structures in parallel with creation of soldiers, and you will always win. It is one of the best strategies of this month. If you the best strategist, in the Battle Panic you can show the abilities. But be careful game very strongly draws.