Planet Juicer is linear strategy. You not person, you are alien inhabitant and exactly so. Representing the alien researcher, you fly on different planets and extract minerals.

Thus inhabitants of these planets are very hostile and you should protect the territory. You build soldiers and give them the weapon for protection. As by your ship there is a scientific laboratory which can investigate new types of arms which earlier you yet did not use. But for this purpose time and money is necessary.

You can earn money, killing hostile aliens. Be economical, since the quantity of money is limited. Investigating various planets, you should squeeze out of them all useful resources. Thereby you receive big reputation among the colleagues. In this strategy on you opponents move various types. Since all opponents have the specifics, you should choose the correct tactics.

You can find cool game "Planet Juicer" on this portal. For example, one are able to shoot from is far, but they have the weak reservation. Others have the strong reservation, and they are very effective in near fight. A third quickly move and strongly attack. Become the best Planet Juicer in all galaxies and be reputable.