Angry Birds Volcano is the colorful game simulator causing nostalgia and a volcano of excellent emotions on old and familiar Angry Birds who subdued very long ago our fiery hearts. Modern history with recognizable heroes where angry birds diligent destroy and all destroy on the way on tracks of the novel district, coming nearer to the purpose to kill all live to pass to the following heavier level.

Angry birds the volcano differs from the previous versions that is mini-game where only three fascinating levels. But you should not think that angry birds fast will overcome all forthcoming difficulties of skill, and you finish this delightful game quickly. It will force you to shoot angry birds more and more, after all it is not so simple to destroy spiteful enemies. You will explode as a volcano, beginning impassable level anew many time in a row.

And so, in your division of a bird of four versions: the black explosive; white, throwing super eggs; small blue which when flying scatter on 3 birds; the red power. By means of birds soldiers you have to kill all pigs hiding in blockages of ice and boards.

Be not angry if at you something does not turn out; you watch process more attentively and birds will prompt as will cope with an objective. Well and volcano to you in the help in the game Angry Birds Volcano.