Bubble Shooter is one of the most popular games on the Internet over the past decade. The main goal is removing from the playing field a chain of three or more balls. The longer the chain was removed, the more points you get.

In the game settings can be changed:

  • the color of the playing field,
  • set the difficulty level,
  • activate animation,
  • set the volume,
  • turn off or on the sound,
  • activate graphics acceleration.

Game Bubble Shooter implemented the laws of physics. If the bubble collides with the wall, it bounces off it at the same angle. This property can be used when you cannot make a straight shot. My maximum record is twenty eight thousand two hundred thirty scores.

At the beginning of the BUBBLE SHOOTER, the left bottom of the game field is shown five gray circular objects that indicate penalties. If after your shot has not been removed no chain of bubbles, then it takes away one penalty point. When all penalties finished then added on top of one lane of the balls.

In the far left corner shows the color indicator that shows what will be the color at the next bubble. Bubble Shooter has no timer, so no need to hurry. Better options to calculate the first and second shots. Unfortunately you cannot activate the display colors of the second and third shots.

For three balls awarded thirty scores. The chain of seven charged two hundred twenty scores. If you remove the four, you get fifty scores. If after removing the chains is not connected with anyone balls, they just removed from the playing field.

Let me give you a little advice! Beginning of the game, try to vacate the area in the middle of the playing field. Then empty the area, located near to the walls. Do you have secrets in the game Bubble Shooter?

If you just cannot delete all the balls from the playing field, then do not worry. After a few hours of play, I am too failed. At one point it seemed to me that the game is endless and very complicated. But one of the shots will always last. Because so configured logic game Bubble Shooter.