Angry Birds Go Crazy wonderful game with angry birds and pigs. History of the game begins with a comic book, which shows that the slingshot is broken, and the birds decide another way to win pigs. As a result, we get an interesting platformer.

Start the game is very simple. We have a red bird, which has five lives. Remaining number of lives is shown in the form of hearts, which are located on the top left. Just outside lives are two yellow Pause button on and off music and sounds.

Top right shows the number of points. Points are given:

  • for the collection of eggs,
  • killing pigs,
  • passing levels,
  • collecting coins.

For each egg give 10 points. For pig added 50 points. Prepared for the level of one hundred points.

Just try not to fall on the prickly white stakes, which are normally found in the pits. At the end of the level you will see a box with eggs and King pigs. If you try to approach him, he will flee from you. On the first level, I collected 350 eyes.

All in the game Angry Birds Go Crazy six levels. The second level we were immediately met by two green pigs. They are very stupid because they do not want to catch up with me, and only move back and forth. Jumping on wooden planks can not face their opponents.

Attention! Do not miss the chests. If they are open, you can get one extra life. The second level of the game I find difficult, since I lost three lives. And only scored one thousand and eighty eyes. And how many lives you took the second level?

At the third level Angry Birds Go Crazy I encountered an error in the game. Fell through the wood block. But maybe it is a joke. The second and third level of the game there are new enemies, this pig with a mustache. Be careful they are very crafty.

The third level of Angry Birds Go Crazy very complicated I keep dying here. I catch up with pigs, as they are moving faster than me. In general, the game will be interesting, if you like the game Angry Animals. I lost more than an hour and got a good mood from the game. And I think you liked the game.