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Afra Fly - little bird Kiwi accidentally hit in Africa.
Now she wants to go back home to Australia. She uses them for recreation. Just do not land on the hedgehog!

Nasty parrots stop her flight. Collect stars to get more points.

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Afra Fly
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Date of publication
Operating systemWindows, Mac OS
Resolution640 x 480


Afra Fly fascinating game in which it is necessary to help the Kiwi to fly by as is possible closer to the house. While you fly it is necessary to eat bananas what to gain strength and be loaded with energy. As it is necessary to collect asterisks, they will give you additional points.

During flight across Africa to you so different animals will meet with elephant, crocodile, hippopotamus, flamingo, turtle, rhinoceros and hedgehogs. But not on all animals it is possible to land! For example it is impossible to land on a hedgehog, he has very prickly needles. During flight be very attentive and try not to face the Cockatoo, he very busy and doesn't love when he is disturbed by other birds. The more long you fly, the you will collect more eyes in the game Afra Fly.

The smooth landing on animal, except a hedgehog, will give you several times more eyes, depending on the size of an animal. At the end of each flight you can save the collected points in the table of leaders. If you collect the greatest number of eyes will be on the first place! Don't forget in the game Afra Fly, the more you are in flight, the more you receive eyes. Help the little Kiwi to get home and she will thank you.


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