Bad Piggies is a logic puzzle for the brain and at the same time lots of positive emotions and colorful. Actions occur in a dangerous jungle unexplored edges, which found themselves strangely bad pigs, which is necessary to save and take someone with bad terrain dangerous illusions.

In Bad Piggies you help your mighty brain healthy, able to think in the right direction, how to keep pigs from a bad death. To do this, you must build a transport pigs, a cart, with the bad parts that you will be offered.

There are situations that the pigs do not need a bad truck, they can pass on their own path, where impact will not pass. Your task is to cross a cart with pigs or pigs themselves, the finish lane with moving flag. During the drive to its destination should pick up the pigs and pick up containers with a strong luminous star.

But pigs should be careful not to confuse the bad boxes of dynamite that explode when touched and kill pigs. First need to choose the route piglets bad stones may also affect the safe path to the goal. Take care of pigs!

Playing in Bad Piggies, you involuntarily sucked into the colorful world of dangerous bad jungle, where from you will depend on the life of the piglets. Includes logic and follow your inner instincts. Do you like to play puzzle games with poor pigs?

In this game you can make maximum use of your imagination as to create a vehicle, you can use the following parts:

  • wheels,
  • sticks,
  • boxes,
  • wooden cabin,
  • round balls,
  • missiles,
  • aircraft engine.

In this game I played for more than two weeks, and she still likes me. Together, let us go through the first level. Your design is necessary to build on the mountain, it greatly simplifies the task.

Each gray square is necessary to place a portion of the apparatus. At the first level Bad Piggies are six cells. Upper middle cell drag square wooden cabin. And also put the remaining two cabins in the upper row.

The next step is to install the wheels. To do this, set both ends of the car wheels. And we still have one element is a pig. It put into the main cabin. When the last pig is in the car right from the design appears blue button.

Press the round button with a bird, and the car starts to move. The first seven levels of Bad Piggies I went without any problems, but then I had to think well, that would solve a logic problem. For you, these levels were easy? I will be glad to read from you any messages about this game. Good luck!