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Genre Angry Birds Online Games

Bad Piggies 2, game and designer in one. Continues of the famous game where you have to collect the structures through which the pig must reach the finish line. Balloons, wooden boxes, wheels and many other elements will help to solve complex problems. Do not leave in the lurch bad pigs they are waiting for your help.

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Bad Piggies 2 continuation of the addictive game in which you will become head of the funny pigs in unusual jungle on an uninhabited planet. Your main task is to take the card, which indicates the location of a treasure.

To receive additional bonuses need to collect all the boxes on which is painted yellow star. You can also change the scale of the game. For example, scrolling the mouse wheel forward, we reduce the scale, and if you scroll the wheel back, see the whole level.

On the first level, we propose to build a vehicle for the green pig. To do this, there are six empty cell. In which must be properly inserted three wooden frame and two wheels made of wood.

When all of the pig will be placed in one of the cells, the blue button on the right to appear, inside which there is a white crow. Click on it, and your design will begin to move. The left there is a button to delete all items arranged.

The second level of Bad Piggies 2 meets us already ten blank cells to deploy elements of a moving car. Do not forget that gay pig should be placed only in the details in the form of a wooden square. The new element is the accelerator. Once the machine will be able to run downstairs accelerator.

The third level is not much different from the second, only different land. Avoid boxes of dynamite. With the explosion of the box your vehicle is completely destroyed and you lose the game.

In this game you can build many different designs of the elements:

  • wood square wheel,
  • accelerator,
  • the engine of the aircraft,
  • an electric motor,
  • a gas cylinder,
  • balloons.

Approximately every third new level you will appear a new element of design. Do not rush to move to new levels, fasten learned.

From left are the top green pause button. By clicking on the pause menu appears dark in which you select a new level for the passage or turn off the sound and music. Just shows the group number and the current level.

Right at the top there are two buttons. The first button on which is painted lamp. With her can get a hint of how to place blocks and win the open level. Pressing the red button, you close the prompt.

This game I loved! And you get the pleasure of Bad Piggies 2? If so then, I wish you success and victories. Let's wait for new and interesting levels.