Bubble Sky interesting game using old rules, but with new mechanics of actions. It is necessary to add three and more balls of one color together that they would be deleted from a game field, and you received game coins. Balls are affected by physical force which gathers them at center. On top, at the left and on the right there are barriers from which the ball recoils and continues the movement.

After all balls will be deleted, there is a transition to new level of complexity. With each new level new color for balls is added. The current quantity of flowers can be seen on the indicator on the right on top the game screen. In a random way there can be a ball flight trajectory, moving which, it is possible to see where the ball will depart. During game in "Bubble Sky" bombs with the timer in 3 seconds which works in case of collision with other balls will be provided to you. Explosion of a bomb deletes from a field nearby being balls.

If after a shot balls were not deleted, for this shot one penal ball gets. Above on center of the screen the quantity of the remained penal balls is shown. When does not remain any penal ball, there is an adding of new balls on a game field. When on a game field there will be more than 100 balls, game comes to the end. The quantity of balls on a game field can be seen on the indicator on the right above.

Play Bubble Sky and you become the champion. You can show the collected quantity of eyes to the friends and colleagues.