Mad Skeletons - a new step in game show business. By means of Frankenstein it is necessary to shoot mad skeletons and to get in coffins. At each level limited number of skeletons. In case of a shot it is necessary to consider a flight trajectory and hindrances on a way of flight of a mad skeleton. In case of collision with iron subjects (knifes, safes, a board with swords, a toilet bowl) mad skeletons will collapse on part. Max quantity of mad skeletons is ten.

Additional points will be given for hit in spiders, bats, and as when corrupting subjects (pots with flowers, cabinets with books, hours, chandeliers, lamps, bedside tables, horns, a piano, chairs). The main goal at each levels it to get mad skeletons to everything coffins. Red coffins static, yellow - dynamic. Before a shot by mad skeletons it is necessary to track shot force. It is the indicator which is under Frankenstein and as value of a cudgel of Frankenstein and the sight is painted how over by green color. If before the purpose there is a hindrance (wall), it is necessary to lift above the cursor and to reduce shot force. What to collect as much as possible points it would be necessary to fill all purposes with "Mad Skeletons" quickly. For unused, for shots, mad skeletons as additional points are given, but it is more favorable to spend these mad skeletons for hit in the purpose. You can skid the received points in the table of results and win first place in a daily rating, week or in a monthly rating of players.

If it is heavy to you to complete any of levels you always you can watch video the help for each level. In the game Mad Skeletons there are no restrictions on number of repeated passing of levels. Be careful skeletons are very mad :)