Super Brawl 2 continuation of the beautiful game. In which there are four versions of the passage levels:

  • arcade,
  • tournament,
  • team survival.

You can choose from twenty different characters:

  • Spongebob,
  • Plankton,
  • Sheen,
  • Chum,
  • Monkey,
  • Skipper,
  • Sandy,
  • Jimmy Neutron,
  • Otis,
  • Bessie,
  • Aang,
  • Kyle.

Other fighters:

  • Dudley Puppy,
  • Fanboy,
  • Danny Phantom,
  • Timmy,
  • Rico,
  • Doctor Blowhole,
  • Patrick,
  • Spongebob,
  • classic King Julien.

At the beginning of the game, you just choose your opponent from a large list. The next step is the choice of the territory where the battle will take place. Twenty-eight different areas represented in the game the flying ghost ship, the central zoo and a basketball court. At a more complex level, you can choose - a farm, marine jetty, school, park, fantastic world, sandy beach and jungle.

And so the battle begin! During the battle, there are three rounds, during which decide who will be the winner. In the first round, try to apply defensive tactics and find the weaknesses of the enemy. Game Super Brawl 2 is very similar to the Super Smash Bros Brawl.

The second round of Super Brawl 2 the most aggressive. Because this is a final moment to decided who is stronger. Try to inflict as much shock and not miss beat opponents. Since the game has no protection, the more attack. For each winning around you get a star.

If in the previous two rounds was a tie, there shall be a third round of the fight. Here it is necessary to show the maximum of their capabilities, that would defeat the enemy. Top left red bar is your health. Right at the top of the blue bar is the health of the enemy. Downstairs also has a band of super power for a super hit.

Some of my most favorite characters is a cow. She can shoot milk packets from a distance. And a monkey, which turns his tail and does not allow to get close to the enemy. Super Brawl 2 was created by Nicktoons (short name is Nick).

In Super Brawl 2, I beat all opponents. And you can repeat my result? Call me to fight and see who is the strongest of us.