One Sweet Roll

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Cheerful circle should roll to the white portal. Remove the blocks in its path.

Try to avoid collision with sharp needles. To jump, click on the sweet circle.

Protect yourself from the evil penguins. Do not rush! Speed ​​is not important.

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One sweet roll fantastic game where one fine day the sweet roll came for walk, and as a result rolled in adventures ice shaft, snowdrifts and glaciers to find a way out home, to appear outside of labyrinths and far from dangerous blocks.

Your task to remove one sweet roll from a labyrinth live and safe, ruble ice blocks which prevent to pass to a roll further. On a way the sweet roll can meet the terrible block with thorns, having touched it, the roll becomes not such sweet, and will die. You one can carry out an objective. As it is possible to meet sweet ice cream, it is more pleasant unexpectedness of a roll. On the termination of labyrinths of a certain level enemies will hunt for your one sweet roll from what you have to rescue a roll from eating, they will stamp from two parties, surrounding a sweet roll. Kill them and rescue a roll!

One sweet roll will carry away you to the new world of fantastic illusions where you can show the skill on novel ways of this game.