Game Barbie Bride will be interesting to girls who have a strong sense of style. In this game you need to show their creativity and prepare all the famous Barbie doll to the most expected in the life of every girl's wedding day.

Events unfold in the bridal salon. The main character in his underwear and you need to choose the hair color and hairstyle, which immediately changes any girl. Also pick up the image of the wedding bouquet that is sure to bring good luck to her girlfriend that will catch this bouquet. In Barbie Bride all in bright colors, namely used colors like pink, yellow and of course the traditional white. Dress can be selected either in full or in parts, first select the top products - corset, and then choose the bottom. For example, I like to combine a corset yellow and white skirt. By that I picked up along the shoes in color and gold corset massive earrings. Necklace decided not to use, so as not to burden the image.

Accessories are also available in the arsenal there are different kinds of veils, but for girls who do not want to hide their hair under a chic veil, jewelry offered on the head in the form of massive pins.

To put the main character in the game Barbie Bride need to move the cursor to the selected part of the wardrobe and drag the figure so in turn have to do with each element a pleasing you. In the right corner of the Bookmarks tab, you can view what is already wearing and can be changed. Remove clothes, accessories and shoes can by pressing the cross on the icons, which are available in the Bookmarks tab.

With the second icon in the upper right corner you can see how other players look bride. With the third icon, namely arrows you return to the beginning of the game and can not take on a piece of clothing is constantly pressing on the cross for each icon, and one click to return the doll to its original appearance.

Once you have finished your work fascinating wedding stylist's help with a check in the upper right corner to confirm the image. And your heroine find yourself in a beautiful place and is ready to marry the most wonderful husband.

Yet such an important moment when you add earrings to be visible from under the hair, you need after dragging an item on the doll on earrings click the mouse twice.

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