Jurassic Eggs found himself in the Jurassic period of the planet. Start the game with the dinosaurs and save the eggs of small dinosaurs from the stones falling from the heavy foot lizards. You must correctly install boulders to protect against collision small eggs. At your disposal is a round, square and rectangular blocks. Also on the later levels there are explosive objects. Be careful, whatever blocks or stones are not faced with bursts into the object.

New story in the old gameplay is the "Jurassic Eggs". At later levels will have to think that would solve challenging puzzles. If you like the Jurassic period, which erupted volcanoes, flying pterodactyls, falling meteorites and the life was part of the chaos. 160 million years ago small eggs have been misplaced, but they rolled into the gorge, over which fly pterodactyls and ran tyrannosaurs. The embryos in the eggs will be grateful to her savior. This game Jurassic development of our civilization. The endless fight large marine reptiles, before the fall of an asteroid or comet in the Mexican peninsula.

Going into the game, you will find twenty-four levels. All levels are arranged in order of increasing complexity. But if some of the levels will be very difficult, then you can always watch the video solution for each level. If you like the game, please tell us about it to your friends and colleagues. In the future we plan to make a sequel of the beautiful game Jurassic Eggs, stay in touch and stay tuned for news on the game portal.