Wheely 2 is an exciting new levels of the game, we played a few months ago. In this game you must help the little red car to get to his beloved girlfriend. Be careful, and you could do it.

On the ground level you will find yourself on the third floor of car shop. Click on the red car, and he begins to move. When re- clicking on the red car will stop her. Use the arrow button to lower the elevator to the first floor.

That would remove the yellow barrier press the round red button. The second level is a little harder first. Now you need to get from the first floor to the second. Click on the red car that he drove a bit and moved the conveyor.

Then click on the long lever, which is located on a yellow conveyor. When the feed rising column, they fall to the plate, and the lift will raise your car on the second floor. You will be shown a mini clip of girlfriend taken to another store.

But do not despair, we will solve this problem at the following levels Wheely 2. At the third level of the game need to get to the big ship. This is a very complicated puzzle. Lift up initially springboard - a small triangle and put it near the box with toys.

Then click on the box with a toy, and you will drive sports car. Which must jump over the moat, which is electricity. First, you need to drive forward a bit to open the front door of the box and then drive back that opened the back door of the box.

Excellent! The next step is the control of the helicopter, which must fly through the steam and press the green button, which is on the wall. After this gulf front of a red car will be closed and you will be able to leave the ship.

At the fourth level of the game Wheely 2 we fly on a big plane. The main task to put him on the airfield. Press the red button that is over your machine. After this fall a lift. Then the helm plane tilt to the right ( nose down ).

Block boxes to move to the floor and then lift must take the lift up, clearing the way for the management plane. You are done with this level? I'm not! But still the game Wheely 2 I loved.