Angry Animals 3 it is finally the third version of very popular game. In this version you will find new levels. I'll give you some little tips how to pass levels. For example, using a Bull (or sometimes referred to as cow) can cause a double whammy it is a first strike will be made using the milk carton, and second hit with recoil bull. But this trick can take only when you select the most successful trajectory of bull. Rooster poor job with stones and glass but destroy the perfect tree. But if you like to get maximum damages you should to activate its acceleration.

Walkthrough levels themselves. First area of a mere 5 are present evil sheep, it is the most courageous animal, but bring the least damage of all animals in "Angry Animals 3" game. At the third world the aliens built the spacecraft and try to fly home. But by using evil pigs, you can stop their journey even before launch. Using additional option, separate the evil pig on three pigs and apply maximum destruction. And on fifth level you are waiting for angry bulls, which drop packets with milk as bomb. Excellent weapon against opponents, secure impenetrable wall on right and left sides.

Go to seventh world of game Angry Animals 3 in which we expect the evil aliens that are protected by complex structure consisting of blocks of ice and wood. I hope you remember that evil cock perfectly splits the wood but not quite good at handling glass. At ninth area we will have a meeting with new angry animal horse. Horse has in its arsenal a very useful property of a powerful explosion that destroys everything around him, and what's more, it spreads in all directions. With such a formidable animal to destroy stone castle there is no trouble.

When you win all the levels, try to play in the first version of Angry Animals. I think it will be no less exciting and interesting. Older animals are waiting vyshey help fight aliens!

And so all angry animals presented herein games, list them: sheep, pig, rooster or horse. The gameplay is very similar to playing game Angry Birds. But Angry Animals 3 has many new and exciting tasks that will give you great pleasure. I would also like to note that nineteenth level is puzzle game in which you want to put in necessary sequence of structural damage. And the most difficult level in game Angry Animals 3, this twenty-first level, where you will need to win against the angry aliens, who hid in a huge tank. Some parts of tank are not destroyed, so you need very good aiming animals.