L.I.F.E. game joke about your life in this harsh world. You are born, drinking milk from a bottle. Then you eating candy. The first two periods of life you have no enemies, and hit points are added only to your health.

In the third stage of your development appear sharp objects such as knives and forks that take your life. Avoid collision with them. In the fourth stage of the game you have friends that shoot sharp phrases. Try whatever collide with them and at the end of this level you will have a loyal friend. Which will give you an extra life. At the fifth level you play Tetris, which sends you to various areas of your development.

For example, medicine, legal direction, economics, electrical, computer. Also on the upper blocks give you a car, a house, a tree. Try to collect as many of these items and the more you collect them, the greater the probability of obtaining the desired profession in the future. But be careful and avoid diseases as a white person, it takes away your life.

At the last stage of the game L.I.F.E. you go to a job that you need to earn more money to buy the house and support themselves. During the last level you will have a pretty girlfriend. Try with it to avoid collisions with falling on top of you with an unpleasant experience from various black monsters. During the last level you shoot various objects, and in contact with which you are given bonuses that you can spend on ammo or money.

If you do not spend a long time bonuses that you can gather a large amount of money or cartridges that shoot queue. Middle level you have a home that will improve with every minute of your game.

But how would you have not played well in the game L.I.F.E. still there are so many problems that you do not have time to shoot them and you die. Try to survive as long as possible. You may ask - How long can I live? I 'll tell you - my best result was 127 years old. Good luck to you! I hope my best win record.