I Quit! Must Dash! Interesting game about a reporter who wants to grow up from apprentice to chief editor of a major magazine. The game features three difficulty levels. On light levels can quickly solve various problems, but on Hard difficulty will try well.

On the first level you teach, how to manage a reporter. The main control key is blank. Use it to jump. If you long to hold down the spacebar, the reporter will jump higher. Jump ditch challenges.

On the second level you must repeat this task, but jumping over a ditch two in a row. Before the second moat, press the spacebar and hold it longer, that would be the reporter jumped up.

At the third level of the game I Quit! Must Dash! difficulty at times increases. Now you need to follow what the young reporter would not touch the spinning blade that instantly kills him. Saw can be on the ceiling and on the floor. So be careful.

The fourth level of the game becomes even more interesting. Since it appears the moving enemy that can kill you. Just enough of them to jump. Opponent is green.

The fifth level is a combination of ditches with spinning saws. But also added staircase. When you touch the yellow plate obtained coins, they should be collected, to get more revenue.

On the sixth level of "I Quit! Must Dash!" You will find all the previous difficulties that were on the first level. This green opponents, spinning saws and ditches. When you touch the wall character automatically turns and runs in the opposite direction.

Also in the game you can create your own levels. After testing, you can save your level and send it to a friend that he could play him and put his assessment of the game. In the level editor, you can use basic objects: the beginning of the level, the end of the level, wall, stairs, spring. Decoration can be used: painting, chair, motivation, clock, telephone and fire call. For more complex level of scenery you want to add a printer, a lamp, plank, plant, waste basket, box, safe.

In the game I Quit! Must Dash! Various secrets hidden away. Wang should try to find them. Good luck! I know that you will become editor in chief. Or am I wrong?