Dino Assault interesting game in which your main task is not to let the dinosaurs eat your apples. One little secret is better to build a tower on a bend of the path, this way you will deal more damage to dinosaurs.

In the improvements you can: increase the strength of the spear damage, add damage inflicted poison, fire tower strengthen, increase the radius of damage or increase the speed of the attack. The game has the ability to use special powers to kill the dinosaurs, such as lightning.

Attacking towers are divided into three types: the spear, fire and stones. The second level can be improved by attacking the tower. This will enhance the damage and attack range.

Try to combine the order of attacking towers built, and you get a good result. The stronger the tower damages dinosaurs, the more it costs. Do not forget that you can sell towers to get extra coins.

Dinosaurs come in different types: small, large, huge, with shell, run fast, flying and crawling. Graphics in the game is very attractive and gives a pleasant treat during the game.

Arrows with poison not only take away health, but also slow down the dinosaur. While playing Dino Assault before I install towers with stones tower with poisoned arrows, it greatly increases the chances of passing the level.

At the third level can be improved tower fire in the volcano, and it will be applied very quickly and a lot of severe injuries. The game has a very strong lizards, which have very good armor. So be ready to repel their attack.

Ferocious predators prey on your people, but fear not, they sit on high towers and are safe. On the second level you are given an extra bonus Web, which stops the movement of the dinosaurs for a while.

The game Dino Assault I would add another opportunity to move the tower to level for a number of coins. But the decision's game. You can also play on mobile devices.

Do not let the dinosaurs eat your five apples. To be honest, it seems to me that the levels a bit complicated. Or do you think differently? Try to pass the second level Dino Assault and email me your opinion.