Club Nitro fantastic racing game. You have to drive through the streets of the world and win the grand prize. Only the first place it is necessary for you!

While driving on the highway collect red coins. Each coin gives you 500 dollars. At the end of the track, you can improve the performance of your machine. List of upgradable options:

  • increase the speed of the car to improve the rotation,
  • change the color of the car,
  • to strengthen the engineering specifications,
  • raise boost.

How to drive a car? Button up a gas key is to go back down, right arrow key is to turn the car to the right, left arrow key to turn the car to the left. Acceleration key B or X.

During the ride, try to avoid collisions with obstacles. It is also not desirable to strike a barrier in the form of road signs. Since they dramatically slow the speed of your car.

Bottom right Club Nitro is a round card. This map shows the way to move your car. Middle, above specified number of laps, which is necessary to drive and the number of laps that your car has already passed.

Written on the top left of your current position of your opponents. Better not to deal with competitors, and avoid them. This will not reduce the speed of your car in a collision. The screen will be a lot of cars of different colors, but your car will be on hand in black.

At the beginning of each competition Club Nitro, you can select a city and a country in which there will be competition. For example, I like the track in Kiev. The road is very smooth and without pits, as it was built the best specialists in the world.

Also in the game there is a section of achievements. In this window, there are sixteen achievements:

  • Won on one track,
  • won the three routes,
  • the best circle of contenders,
  • improved the car to the max,
  • made ​​the best start,
  • collected 500 coins.

At the moment I collected only seven achievements. Try to beat me!

On the first track Club Nitro I won easily, but the second track it took me more strength that would overtake other cars. It was very interesting to compete on the race track, where the little twists and plenty of races.