0RBITALIS this game is built on the principles of attraction of the planets in the solar system. Your main task is to launch a satellite, which is to fly between objects specified amount of time. Graphics in the game schematic. But it does not spoil the impression of the game.

On your way will encounter various obstacles:

  • static objects,
  • dynamic obstacles,
  • planets,
  • stars,
  • satellites,
  • meteors.

Unfortunately, the game is not possible to play from the beginning levels. I will write to the author of this game please add the game menu.

At the beginning of the game, I often asked myself. What is the amount of time my companion must fly in an orbit that would level was over? The answer is very simple. When you run the object, the system begins to be drawn around the circle, when it is fully drawn, then the level is won.

Let's start the first level. Remembering the lessons of physics and the rules of gravity in the solar system. The first level is necessary that the satellite flew between the two stars.

On the second level there is one planet and one sun. Near the planet fly two small moons. This is a difficult level! I do not work for a long time to pass it. And you quickly passed it?

Third level 0RBITALIS easy. Star red, two large planets that are not quickly move in their orbits. But there is one problem, the planets move at different speeds.

The next level is to meet us three square planets. Near which there are several asteroids. And one huge star, located in the center of the planets. If Level is passed, you will hear the engaged tone.

Attention, do not forget your orbit satellite should not go beyond the boundaries of games. If your rocket will fly off the screen, you lose. It is also very important condition.

The fifth level is different from the previous ones in that it is necessary to fly between two large red stars that revolve around the galactic center. Give you a little hint, you need to run your rocket so that its trajectory would have drawn the figure eight.

It would be interesting if the game creator 0RBITALIS added the ability to buy upgrades for the rocket. For example, the device against gravity. Acceleration or when you press the spacebar.