Catchy Orbit game and again associated with the planets. But here it is necessary to shoot the spinning balls. By clicking on the planet sineyu balls whirling around her, scatter in different directions.

At the beginning of each level you have only three blue ball. What would the next shot you had more balls is necessary that the balls that fly, faced with other similar balls. Gray round planet prevent you avoid collisions with them.

The first level is the easiest. In the beginning you have one ball and the main task is to touch the other five balls. Within five minutes, I scored 2400 points. And three stars.

The second level meets us in the same job, but with fewer balls on the playing field. The first time I scored only two stars, but thirty seconds later my result has been improved.

The third level I find difficult! So how to get from the first time I failed. And you came to pass the third level Catchy Orbit the first time? Write to me in the comments for the game.

At the fourth level, we are met extraordinary new ability. Ball inside which is painted white circle, it can capture other red balls on a specific area. In other words, so the ball does not necessarily relate to other beads.

In the fifth level Catchy Orbit uses the same mechanism as the fourth level of the game. Only now the balls are scattered much further in space. No complications were not in passing this level.

If you leave the rotation of blue balls is not enough, then formed the second round. Carousel turns of blue beads around the blue planet. It is especially interesting to look at the sixth level. Where I easily got three stars.

I must confess that at the seventh level, I was already a bit boring. Since there are no new opportunities, but only the old gameplay. So I did not try to score maximum stars and quickly moved to the next level.

Finally, something new! New ball, which is painted yellow lightning. But new opportunity has disappointed me since I did not see the difference from the previous ball with a circle inside. Total thirty minutes in a rather interesting game. My score 21200 points in a game Catchy Orbit.