Road Of Fury is a fantastic game for fans of cars and shooting. Using park your cars, you need to walk through to the finish. In this game I played all day.

With every kilometer on the road to victory there are various difficulties. On your way will appear opponents:

  • bikers,
  • cars with machine gun barrels trucks,
  • helicopters,
  • flying machine gunners flying snipers,
  • machine gun.

But do not be afraid of the enemy, as you will have plenty of weapons and heavy machinery. Each machine has its own unique ability. List of machines that you can buy:

  • Spearman,
  • snake light,
  • king,
  • beast,
  • thunder hunter.

For example, Spearman can shoot missiles, if you press one. Snake can slow down time and you will have a better aim. The king has an energy shield which recovers quickly and does not allow the vehicle to explode.

At the end of each level Road Of Fury you get into the garage, where you can buy a new car or improve the performance of already bought the car. I have always improved their weapons and at the very least buying protection. Since the attack is the best defense.

But not all machines you can buy immediately. To do this, you must pass a certain number of miles. That is to buy a car you need Vicious drive 1,200 miles. Game menu is clear and does not distract from the game.

All major parts are at the bottom. The left shows the number of miles traveled car. Then, there are three special features possessed by your transport. Above them is an indicator of just destroying the car.

To the right is a green strip with white indicator which indicates how much the car drove. And your current position. Bottom right square green button to turn off the sounds and music. And to return to the game menu.

Here's a hint for players in our portal. To win the Road Of Fury over flying gunners not necessarily led sight around the game screen. You can put the sight in the upper right corner and the opponent gets himself under fire.

In Road Of Fury game I went 3000 miles! And how many miles you drove? At the end of the level you show how much money you earned. Most earn for slain enemies. Second in terms of profitability for this item passed mile.