Atomic Sea fantastic game about monster fish that swims in toxic water and eats his opponents. The action takes place after a nuclear war. In a city that drowned in the water.

On the first level you need to find and eat 14 small fish. To do this, use the mouse to direct your hero to his victims and eat them. For each eaten fish you get twenty eyes.

At each level Atomic Sea has a green tunnel. Use it to quickly move to different areas of the sea. I passed the first level very quickly. At the end of each game you are given the chance to receive an additional prize. To do this, open one of the three nuclear suitcases.

Usually given 400 eyes experience for the right choice. Then you show window with the result, which indicates how much experience you have typed scored balls at balls and scored in the entire game. And also found barrels of poison.

At the end of the level of improvement be sure to buy your fish, but you need to pay a barrel of toxic waste. In the improvements you can:

  • add bite force,
  • increase the speed of the fish,
  • add the number of lives,
  • buy a helper to get the shield.

The second level is not much different from the first. You need to find and eat four large whale. If you want to pause the game, then press the spacebar. For most eaten fish you are 50 eyes.

My advice at the beginning of Atomic Sea, find and eat all the little fish, and then start the hunt for big sharks. So you get more extra bonuses. Bad that in the updates can not undo the last selected improvement.

The third level is necessary to pass quickly for two minutes. During this time, you must eat 22 small fish and three large catfish. I took it very quickly! And how much time you spent on the third level in the Atomic Sea? Write in the comments under the game.

Fourth level as necessary to pass very quickly, in just three minutes. At this level, there is another new type of fish. This green perch. This is the first level at which I lost, as one big bass swam away from me.

The game changed loved Atomic Sea! I played it for three consecutive days. And she gave me a lot of pleasure. I wish you luck in the growth of your fish. I reached the sixth level of development. Graphics in the game is very good and perfect for the game.