Into Space 3 Christmas version is very exciting game about a rocket. You need to run a modern rocket and fly to the space. All figures are redrawn in the style of Christmas. Play and feel the designer wishing to get rockets into space.

The main goal of the game during a rocket flight:

  • collect sweet candy to buy improvements and parts for your rocket,
  • collect gifts for the discovery of new missiles and upgrades for the successful completion of the game,
  • the fuel tank will add extra fuel for rockets,
  • balloons to fill the accelerator box with key mend your rocket after mid-air collisions.

The main part of the game screen consists of the following parts. Four buttons at the top right. The first button is the pause. The second button to activate or turn off the music. The third button to activate or deactivate sounds. The last button opens the help window for the player.

Bottom right Into Space 3 is the main indicators showing the status of your missiles. Long and high bar informs you about the remaining fuel in the fuel tank missiles. Before it is a circular indicator altitude ( how much is left to fly spacewalk ).

Left figure is filling accelerator, which is very necessary that would fly into space. From the left bottom corner of the game is placed outside the missile destruction. Be very careful, because at very high destruction dangerous to fly into space.

FEATURED Into Space 3 is key management. For me it is more convenient to use the arrow keys:

  • up key to accelerate the rocket to slow down the key or switch off the engine,
  • the left arrow to turn left,
  • right arrow to turn right rocket.

In space, you will meet the aliens that would steal your gifts. Try to easily hit their rocket spaceship that they were frightened and flew away. In a collision with a UFO will drop gifts, and if hit hard, the UFO explodes and Christmas gifts to scatter in different directions.

This is no easy task, as on your way will meet many obstacles:

  • clouds with lightning,
  • helicopters with dwarves,
  • spaceships,
  • meteors from the fire,
  • space debris.

During the game Into Space 3, you can buy a lot of improvements. I really liked the game, so I got into space and flew there! How much did it take you time that would clear all the obstacles? Email me, I will be very happy to read!