Loot Hero game about a knight who wants to save the kingdom. The game used a fun square graph. You need to defeat enemies and collect coins and bottles that fall after defeating monsters.

Little tip for players, you can increase the speed of his hero, moving the cursor to the edge of the game. If you go back, you will see again the monsters. So you can get unlimited amounts of gold to buy upgrades.

When the knight comes to the new village he has the opportunity to purchase:

  • improved attack power,
  • increase the chance of a critical strike,
  • strengthen the protection of armor,
  • movement speed increase.

On the first four levels Loot Hero you will not have problems with the passing game. If you buy every time an update for your knight. But on the ninth level, I had to wait for that to rebuild a life line.

If you look closely at the enemies (of the game twenty different enemies and bosses) of your character, you will see:

  • orcs,
  • monsters,
  • warriors on horses,
  • dogs,
  • dinosaurs,
  • skeletons,
  • ghosts,
  • wizards.

The game window is very simple. Top left shows the number of collected coins and medals. Middle blue stripe at the top displays the progress of your character development and its current level. Right at the top there is a gray button options to change the volume of music and sounds.

In each city Loot Hero window opens indicators. Red shows the impact force. Yellow shows the percent probability of a critical hit. Blue level of protection of the knight. And green specified speed hero.

The game must go through different levels. The first level is a dark forest with old trees and wild animals. At the end of the level you will find a large timber to fight a monster. But do not be afraid it is weak.

The second level begins in the desert. Your opponents will be warriors on camels, turtles and lizards. At all levels will only cacti, dry trees, sand hills and the hot sun.

On this game I spent three hours of your time, although I liked it! And you got the pleasure of managing a hero? If so I will be glad to build competition in Loot Hero, who will score more and win the eyes.