Xonix 3D 2, one of the few games that I enjoyed playing lately. The main objective of the game is to cut off the area from enemies. The game is available twenty-five unique levels.

To control your ball, you can use either the arrow keys or combination of keys on the left side of the keyboard. Do not cross your path, otherwise you lose. The same can not interfere with the other balls of the enemy.

One of the highlights is the enemy if the ball crosses the path of your way, it will mean a loss. What would your game was easier, try to collect various bonuses:

  • heart you add one life,
  • two green arrows pointing upward movement will accelerate your ball,
  • the clock will add additional time,
  • the yellow coin will give you extra income.

Beginning with the first level Xonix 3D 2, on the ground, will drive your opponents. They have red and they have thorns. To fight the enemies helps bonus of two red arrows directed downwards. When you take it, your opponents will move slower.

I passed the first level very quickly, in four seconds! And scored 6638 points. The second level is very similar to the previous level. And it will not cause problems passing.

But, the third level is very different. Since the center of the level is a volcano. He will not let you stand in one place as the lava shoots. This is the first level at which I lost.

Next level Xonix 3D 2 I liked the fact that he had two opponents connected lightning. If you touch a flash of lightning, then you immediately lose the level and have to start again. I took it for thirty-seven seconds. And how much time you spent on this level?

I'll tell you about the game menu. Right below is the information about the room level. Next in parentheses indicate percentage of the area that you want to capture and the percentage that is already captured. Top left indicates the number of levels. And the right amount of time remaining.

Center of the screen are four buttons (pause, turn on and off music and sounds ). Leave me your comments about the game Xonix 3D 2! I'll tell you a secret, there is one bonus, which distorts the picture, try not to take it.