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Cheerful astronaut wants to save the planet from unknown evil aliens. He shoots with various weapons. In his arsenal of grain there are bombs, guns and many other weapons.

Astronaut is not afraid of difficulties and willing to solve any puzzle.

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Spaceman 2023
Rating2.5, total votes 16 (8 like / 8 dislike)
Date of publication
Operating systemWindows, Mac OS
Resolution800 x 480


Spaceman 2023 space puzzle game in which you want to free their friends from alien astronauts. In thirty game interesting and exciting levels. Each level is a new planet with an astronaut.

At the first level we are greeted by three multi-colored alien. To win, we need to do three shots. In the beginning, we are given a space gun with cartridges that explode.

The second level adds a new element of this block of ice, which can be destroyed by falling bullets. Fires a block of ice, and the alien falls on spikes and dies. This is a quick victory! Here we shoot knives.

At the third level is necessary to break one block and then shoot all the aliens. But the fourth level gets more interesting as it added a new weapon that allows you to pick up our astronaut. With it, we climb out of the pit, and then to deal with enemies.

In the arsenal of your hero has a big list of weapons:

  • pistol,
  • grenade,
  • laser machine,
  • knife,
  • bowl,
  • with a rocket pack.

An important point in the game! Not, what would cosmonaut touched enemies, otherwise he will die and you will lose. At the fifth level, there is a grenade. With it, you kill two enemies and press the button that would lift that goes. Before the second shot not forget to change the type of weapon.

On the sixth planet must be used with a rocket pack. Otherwise, you will explode with aliens. Sequence such first you go up, then shoots right and immediately shoot down.

Seventh level I was very pleased, because it became possible to teleport astronauts. And on the eighth planet need to think a little. Give you a hint, take off, and then quickly shoot at the barrel of gasoline. Yellow alien flies very far and pushes his friend.

In this game I played for more than two hours and a lot of fun. And how many levels in the game Spaceman 2023 passed you? Write to me. I think not more than twenty-three or more? In any case, if you encounter difficulties, you can open the video with the decision.



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