Pursuit of Hat addictive puzzle game. In which you want to help your hero get to your fun hat. I find it difficult to determine who plays the role of the main character, but it is very interesting and raises a smile.

Since the beginning of the game we immediately get on the first level of the game Pursuit of Hat. Here we go a little training. Tell us how to manage yellow hero. The main control is carried out by means of arrows.

List of keys to control the hero:

  • Pressing the up arrow makes the hero jump,
  • pressing down will squat,
  • right gives the command to run to the right and pressing the left makes your character run left.

At the first level, we move to the left and catch up with his hat. It's very simple. On the second level, we suggest that we can press R to start the level that would be from the beginning.

The second level of Pursuit of Hat is already difficult first. Because we need to jump that would come to his cap. At first it seemed to me that the hero does not want to jump. But then I saw that the hero makes a small jump, hands clinging to the wall and crawls on her.

Making two jumps, you complete the second level. The third level is very cheerful. Pressing the space bar, your character bites off his leg and spits it out. This might be necessary to press the button, which is located in a cave.

After pressing falls barrier that separates your and your purple hat. At the fourth level you need to do some jumps, and then four times to press the spacebar, whatever the hero was only one head. Then he can go through a narrow passage.

Fifth level Pursuit of Hat is a combination of blocks. On the right block is necessary to leave some parts of his body and then go to the left block. The sixth episode is a puzzle of several obstacles.

At first, click on the red button, then press the green button, jump over obstacles and run to cap. Be careful when your hero is on a hillside, as he slowly slides down.

How many levels in the game Pursuit of Hat you won? I got to the seventh part! Email me your results. I like this game very much. I'll be happy to play its sequel.