Pause Ahead is one of the few games that I liked last week. To start the game, press the spacebar. To open the door, press down. A press to jump up.

Your hero is in a dark castle. First level Pause Ahead very easy, you need to jump three steps and out the door with the skull. One of the important features of the game that need to pass level after 20 seconds. Pressing the top button three times, you make three jumps and come to the door.

The second level Pause Ahead also not cause complexity and because he taught. You need to get to the exit is not jumping on the sharp stabbing white. This level is necessary to pass for twenty-five seconds.

Pause Ahead fourth level shows that it is necessary to jump spinning saw they move back and forth. The fifth level is the most complex of all the previous ones, because it adds new elements singing stones. Look at the ceiling, if you see the stones in which the painted eyes and smile mean these stones will fall on the head of your character.

At the sixth level, you need to jump over a large ditch at the bottom of which are white stakes. To do this during a jump, press pause. This will allow your character to continue the flight and jump to the exit door.

Seventh level Pause Ahead for me was the most difficult even using mouse pause, in which my character becomes invincible, would not let me go quickly to this level. I'm constantly on the head stones fell from the ceiling. And you managed to get through this level?

Well I'll tell you how I went to this level. I press the right key, and then turn to pause. At the same time my character continues to move to the right, flying all barriers and without dying. When he ran into a wall, I turn to pause. Then push up key and jump starts my hero, and immediately press a key pause.

When my favorite character hit his head on the ceiling, I turn and quickly push the pause button to the right. Then quickly press a key break, and my character becomes invincible. So I reach the exit level.

The game Pause Ahead I played two hours! And she gave me a lot of pleasure. Do you like this game? If so, press the plus of the game.