Above Average Guy very interesting platformer game, with an unusual story. You are the main character, who plays on the stage with a variety of audiences. To perform various tasks that would please his favorite audience.

Big red curtains parted and you find yourself on the first level of the game. This shows how to control your hero. Use the arrow keys or four letter keys. To leap, use the up arrow.

Your main task is to come to the door. It's a big red door. Be careful, for every wrong action, for clues or replay levels from the audience will leave the audience. And there are not many. Only three series with the left and right of audience hall.

The second level Above Average Guy just is not complicated. Jump over the box and run with the red door. The third level of complexity already brings to the game. It appears large white stakes that need to jump. Otherwise, you will die.

For each completed level Above Average Guy come to you in the hall are two more viewer. And if all the audience leave the room, then you lose. When your hero dies away from the hall two viewers. If you miss this level, then from the audience as well leave viewers, but six people.

Ate you need a hint, click on the lead and he will give you useful advice. On the sixth level of the game you need to run through the crumbling bridge. How to pass the seventh level I do not understand. And did you know how to complete it? If so, please contact me.

Almost every level adds new features to the game. For example, on the eighth level your hero becomes invisible. But that does not stop easily pass this level is not easy. Ninth level is not clear. Need a bomb that would destroy the wall.

Be careful at the next level of the game Above Average Guy. It has different colors flashing button. Click on it when it is green and you will see a way out. At the eleventh try not to touch the moving spikes.