World Cup League teach you score goals when you are in the opponent's penalty area. Before you will be the goalkeeper and the different number of defenders. During the strike the goalkeeper moves along the gate.

At the beginning of the game you can choose the command for which you want to play:

  • Brazil,
  • Germany,
  • Italy,
  • Argentina,
  • USA,
  • Russia,
  • France,
  • Spain.

In the game World Cup League in the choice of the country can be muted. Strange why the developer did this opportunity in the main window. It would be very convenient for players in football.

We proceed to the game. After selecting the football team opens with learning. For hitting the ball must first choose the direction of the ball horizontally. Then select the arc of the ball. And the last step is to select the direction of flight of the sword vertically.

In this version of the game World Cup League does not provide a choice of impact force soccer ball. But three of the impact parameter also allow to add variety to the game of football.

Most of all I like to play for a team in Spain. Although not a fan of this team. Maybe I like the color of T-shirts players.

At each stroke on the field will be four to six enemy players. Your task would be that the ball flew over the defenders and the goalkeeper touched necessarily into the net.

At the beginning and at the end of penalty kicks table shows ratings and the results of all teams. In different columns indicate:

  • number of goals scored,
  • defeats the team wins the opponents,
  • players from the penalty spot,
  • the number dialed eyes.

From the left top of the game screen is counting possession. When the clock shows the ninety seconds of the game ends. From the left is displayed at the bottom of the current goals scored teams rivals.

At the end of the match result of the game is shown. Usually Portugal losing team from Brazil. If you love to play teams from Portugal, help her win and climb on top.

For me playing World Cup League seemed complicated, as I very rarely scored goals. And for you, this game easy? Example of seven attempts, I scored one or two goals. This is bad for football.