Once Upon A Life in this game you have a nice story about a guy who needs to collect pictures from my diary life. These pictures are scattered through the game levels. In each episode, three photographs from his life.

The first episode of the game is very simple, you need to collect the first three photos. Basically, here tells you how to control your hero. Use the arrow keys to move up, down, left and right.

Do not forget to collect coins as an extra bonus. At the end of each level you will be the last level statistics:

  • total time in seconds spent on the level,
  • the percentage of remaining fuel in the tank,
  • the time spent in the air,
  • number of collected coins picture.

Press the space that would go to the next level. At the second level separates additional flight capacity by reactive portfolio. To activate the flight mode requires two consecutive presses up.

The fourth level of the game Once Upon A Life teaches us how to attack enemies or obstacles. To do this, press S or M. To open the partition must go to the switch and hit it. You will then pass. Do not forget to collect coins.

If you want to start the level from the beginning of the game, then press R. At the fifth level is necessary to cut the rope and open the passage to the photographs. Sixth level shows us dock the ship. Carefully jump on the box, which will take away one of the photos.

Seventh level Once Upon A Life is very interesting. You need to fly on a crane, and then throw off his hat. To jump the shark helmet and mines that are close to the tanker to explode. After that, the ship starts to sink into the water and you will find one more picture of his life.

On the eighth level necessary for thirty seconds to release his friend, another bomb goes off and he dies. In the beginning, you need to run through the broken bridge. And do not fall into the hot lava.

The game window consists of two blocks. In the upper section shows the largest character and all items. The bottom panel section is placed with the information. The panel displays the amount of gasoline that can be used for flight. Also contains buttons on and off the music, click the beginning of the game and out of the game.

Within forty minutes I walked ten levels! How far gone are you? Write, play Once Upon A Life and have fun. I'll meet you on the pages of the online gaming portal townden.com and will play together.