Copy shot an interesting puzzle game in which your character abducted by aliens and must escape from captivity. You find unusual weapon, you can change the objects in places. It is also necessary to take the key that would open the door to go to the next level.

How to move objects? To do this, turn your character left or right, and press C. Ray of your arms will point to the first object. Then turn your character to the next item, and press V. After that, the two objects will be swapped for five seconds.

That would not forget what item was selected first in the upper left corner of a white frame, you can see the first object. But there are blocks that cannot be changed, a block painted in yellow and black stripes.

Reveal the secrets of how to pass the levels! The first two levels tell us how common rules. The third level is already difficult enough. Initially, the first to choose the stairs. Rises to the level of a key and a block wall on the stairs. Followed by a second staircase rises to the level of a star and just replace the wall on the stairs that would go to the bonus.

Then you need to get to the exit. To do this, change the units to the wall on the stairs and make our way to the exit. Do not be afraid to break jumping from a height. Since your character can fall from any height and he would not die.

The fourth level of the game Copy shot will not be difficult for you. But it appeared your enemy alien. When the opponent will be in the yellow star, you need to quickly take the key and go up the stairs.

Do not forget, since any object can be replaced, there is no exception and the enemy. If two objects are superposed on each other after the replacement, they disappear. At the fifth level, you can use the key as a ladder and get to the star.

At the sixth level at a great distance can take the key, change it to the stairs. When the ladder will appear again, it is desirable that she was under the second staircase. Seventh level requires rapid passage.

I wish you good luck Copy shot! If it briefly, then I liked it.