Hero in the Ocean game about a submarine floating in the ocean and saving divers. In addition to searching the ocean diver, so it is necessary to collect stars to reach the next level. Use items that would open the passages in the depths of the oceans.

On the first level there is a training player. Shows how you can control the submarine. Use arrow keys to control the left, right, up, down. Do not forget to find the star.

Sometimes passages in the ocean littered with stones, but do not worry, just need to push them to their bathyscaphe and stones move. If you find an arrow in a circle, then a switch secret passage. Move the submarine underwater in a circle and pass opens.

The second level is necessary to use the stones. Move them in range of the switch that would pass opened. As if we will only use your ship, we do not have time to swim in the pass, because the door is quickly closed.

At the third level Hero in the Ocean there is a new danger of a laser. He burns through steel casing bathyscaphe and you die. But gun with laser weapons not move much quickly. And therefore do not pose difficulties for us.

If one of the stones, you will see the yellow lock, then you should look for the yellow key to open it. This game has no timer, so no need to rush. You always have time to come to your goal.

By the way on the third level I was not able to take a third star. Pass it did not open! And you got to find the third level in the ocean all the stars?

The fourth level has brought a surprise. This is a secret passage in the wall. Maybe on the third level was also a passage. Reports say that each level contains a secret area.

You need to help free underwater fireflies, and they in turn will help to open a passage, which is painted white sign. The fifth level can reduce your ship that would take place in the narrow passages.

To move large stones need to increase the submarine. This knowledge must be applied on the fifth level. Where it is necessary to move a very large stone. In general, the game Hero in the Ocean is done is not bad, but after twenty minutes it bothered me.